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Prophetic Boot Camp

For it is in the training of the prophet that he begins to realize that all of his scrapes and bruises along the way are the very thing that the people will be able to identify with.

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Practical Prophetic Ministry

Your GPS into Prophetic Training
Learn more about what a prophet is

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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

Isn’t he cute? My husky, Blizzard making himself at home under our tree.

Having now lived in both ends of the hemisphere, I have come to see Christmas from two different points of view! Growing up in South Africa, Christmas was in mid-summer which meant BBQs, pool parties and playing sports outside.

The traditional Christmas lunch meal for me as a kid was torture. Sitting, neatly dressed, around a big table boasting the hot food was not as exciting as the swimming pool outside that kept taunting me at every glance.

Fast forward to present day and on this end of the world where it is mid-winter — talk about a total change of traditions! But yet I have come to love all new things that comes with being in the United States. That means… egg nog, apple cider and candy canes (Just of the few things I have learned make Christmas special over here.)  

Now over the next few days, we invite you into our lounge as each one of my family shares what make Christmas so special to them.

The exciting thing about this is we have a multi-cultural family. So get ready for some fun and funny traditions.

Whether you are battling to keep warm or cannot stay cool, I know you are going to love these stories and I am sure you will have a few more to add of your own!

With that said, I am so pleased to announce a double blessing event happening on December 10th!

Did you know that everything is awesome when you are part of the team?

Well, we could not think of a better time to have this book ready than right now, around Christmas!

So yes, check out the cool title: Everything is Awesome when you are Part of the Team

This book was supposed to be launched a few months ago, but the Lord was sneaky! Right before the launch, He impressed on us that the book was not finished. So after a heart-to-heart team meeting, we realized what was missing!

Team Building Projects... Now these are not just any projects, but those that we as leaders use to improve ourselves to be better leaders.

BONUS: Then to add the final touch, we have added an AMI Only special — a bonus MP3 message that ties in beautifully with this book.

So all in all you get a resource that you will want at your side at all times!

This is for YOU, ! The Advent Calendar.

By far this is my favorite event of the year. You see, this is not just an opportunity to bless you, but between Nathan, Colette and Myself, we have put together what we felt the Lord wanted us to make available.

So look at the list below for the one ministry resource that shouts, "I AM GOING TO KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!" and then celebrate with the big reductions we gave it.

Nothing pleases me more than to see you blessed and the body of Christ equipped to be the best. So without further ado, I present to you (below), the list for the next 16 days until Christmas.

I pray that this season finds you blessed in every situation. You are a part of our family so never forget you have us standing beside you!

With all that being said and done, I pray that you have the best lead-up to Christmas ever! 

From my lounge to yours... Merry Christmas! 

With Much Joy and Blessing,

Craig Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Father
Apostolic Movement International

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The Way of Dreams and Visions and Symbol Dictionary E-book Kit
From giving birth, flying, dead bodies and finding yourself in a strange house... this kit will explain your dreams and reveal the secrets God has been trying to show you.

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10th Dec

The Way of Dreams and Visions and Symbol Dictionary E-book Kit

Full dream interpretation training.

You save $32.99
11th Dec Moses Mandate E-book
Called from the Wilderness to leadership
You save $17.50
12th Dec

Minister's Handbook
The practical lifeline for any minister.

You save $18.50
13th Dec

How to Get People to Follow You E-book
Become the person others want to be like

You save $7.01
14th Dec

Spiritual Parenting Workshop Audio CD
GROUNDBREAKING!! Apostolic revelation.

You save $55.01
15th Dec

How to Hear the Voice of God - Study Group Kit
Book, Workbook and DVD. God is talking, now its time to listen.

You save $19.00
16th Dec

Preaching and Teaching DVD Set
Power behind the pulpit in steps 1...2...3...

You save $29.00
17th Dec

How to Start a Homechurch E-book
Practical training to get you started NOW!

You save $5.00
18th Dec

Practical Prophetic Ministry E-book
Your mentor in a book.

You save $17.00
19th Dec

Prophetic Essentials E-book
What every prophet should know

You save $17.49
20th Dec

I'm Not Crazy - I'm a Prophet E-book
The title says it all.

You save $5.00
21th Dec

Called to the Ministry E-book
A roadmap to discovering your call.

You save $12.45
22th Dec

Apostolic Handbook E-book
What an apostle is and does. Identify with it!

You save $14.95
23th Dec

David Dynamic E-book
An apostolic call to those outside of the system.

You save $21.00
24th Dec

Christian Business Dynamics MP3 Download
Business and Ministry. Oil and Water or a weapon of power?

You save $22.50
25th Dec

Apostolic Mandate MP3 Download
We live in an apostolic time. RISE UP and discover your mandate.

You save $17.49



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