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Called to Succeed
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My first Christmas road-trip to Mexico - check out that view!

Merry Christmas! My first Christmas with my AMI family in Mexico was a bit of a shocker... to say the least.

On Christmas Eve, the team and I, who were living at the training center in Valley Center, got all dressed up, packed up for the weekend, and drove to Mexico to join the rest of the family for Christmas.

We arrived, said all of our Hi's, and gave everyone their hugs. Then those hospitable Toach girls led us upstairs to show us who was staying in what bedroom for the weekend. Jessica Toach was her normal bubbly, talkative self.

We were soon chatting about everything and anything as I unpacked and settled into my bedroom for the weekend. But then, out of nowhere and matter-of-factly,  Jessica turns to me with this serious look on her face. She tells me quite frankly, "Don't be the first white girl who stole Christmas!"

You can imagine how my mind was racing and my head spinning, trying to grasp how I might be able to ruin Christmas! Just as a picture of me somehow catching the Christmas tree and then the house on fire was running amok through my head, Jessica rescued my frantic mind and emotions. She explained how, on the prior Christmas, one of the team members triggered. And well, now I knew that was how Christmas could get stolen again (frown).

Now, I know you are wondering... I did NOT STEAL Christmas that first year of mine or the years after. But since joining my new family, I have definitely come to see that the Lord decides when and how He brings up those nasty sinful templates. He will even use Christmas... He truly is sovereign, and He is God!!

There were many firsts since then. But that first Christmas in Mexico, with my new spiritual family, forged an awesome template of new traditions in celebrating the gift of love from my heavenly Father - Jesus Christ.

Now, every year, I look forward to getting into the kitchen with all the ladies, baking and cooking the entire day while we laugh and have our own party, setting up a buffet style Christmas dinner party, sitting in the lounge eating with everyone, laughing and fellowshipping, and Dad standing at the Christmas tree sorting through all the Christmas presents as he hands them out one by one.

But now I, along with the newest team members, the Duseks, and the rest of the AMI SA Team, will be building a first ever Christmas in South Africa template!

My prayer for you this Christmas is that you will come to that place where you truly know Jesus face-to-face, where you are talking with Him throughout your day and experiencing His tangible presence and love in a way you haven’t quite experienced Him before! Perhaps this will be a first for you?!

With Love and Blessings,

Michele Kaster
Pastor and Team Member
Apostolic Movement International

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