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What Is Your Part in 2012?

When it comes to seeking the Lord for direction for the year ahead, it is important to understand what part you are to play. The Lord has many things to say to His church and depending on what part of the Body you are, that word will differ.

What I am sharing here is a word directed more to the leaders of the Church. So if you feel that you have a ministry calling and that God has been leading you to start taking an active role in your purpose this year, then I pray that this word encourages you to do just that!

The Lord has also given me very specific direction about the part that A.M.I. will play in the church in the year ahead. I encourage you to go and read that too. If you feel the fire of God burn in your heart when you read it, then I invite you to partner with us.

There is so much that God wants to do in His church, but He wants to start with YOU! So what part are you going to play? Will you sit on the sidelines wondering when "your time will come" or will you step forward not and help get the Bride of Christ ready to rise up in glory?

Craig and I wish you a blessed 2012. May this year ahead see many new doors opening up for you as God raises you up!

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

The Restructuring of The Church

Prophetic Word 2012Prophetic Word Given on:1 January 2012
By: Colette Toach

For I am indeed bringing my Bride into a new season of power and of faith says the Lord. For it is time that she comes to me without the veil so that I can look on her face and adore her. For far too long now she has been veiled and distracted, but this will now change. For I shall move on my people in mighty ways.

I will revive some parts and I will remove some parts. I will equip some parts and I shall take away armor from some parts. So look ahead for a mighty change in my Body in the months that are ahead my child for

What Will Be Removed

I shall remove some that stand up high and I shall lift some that have remained down low. For it is time for my mighty warriors to equip my Bride for the task that I have for her. As she appears now, she has some healthy body parts and some unhealthy. In some parts of my body, the blood flow is being cut off by leaders that want to control her and keep that portion for themselves.

However I am going to remove these blockages says the Lord and those that have stood in the way and poisoned my body shall surely be removed.

What Will Be Added

However I will not remove, without giving life and I will displace the disease with new life and with living water. Those parts that have been without life for so long will suddenly be revived. So do not look for revival in the obvious places my child. Do not look for my hand to move out in the open where it would seem obvious. Rather look for revival in the dry and dead places. The places where you expect it least.

For I shall not come to the many, but I shall come to the few. I will not come to the large gathering and the visible establishments, but I will visit my power on the hidden ones. I will flood my life and my blood to the parts of my Body that have been starved for it.

Who Will be Sent

Instead I will take those who already know my power and I will send them to the dry and dead places. I will make those who know my power dissatisfied with what they have. Then they will go and bring my Body life once again. One by one I will release my workers with a message and with power into the dry and dead parts.

Then slowly my Body will begin to receive life as a whole. So look up and see that I will work and I will prepare my Bride. For there will be many visions and many ministries and many different modes of operation. I will not favor one over the other. However I will breathe into my church a variety of workers as it has never seen.

Realizing Your Purpose

So watch out for them my child, for this is the part that you will play. To identify them and to bring them in. To equip them and to help them realize their purpose in my Body. For I am about to diversify as never before and create leaders for every kind of person.

Yet as each vision and purpose will differ, the anointing and my spirit will be the same. To restore to my church a love for me. To bring life to the dead and to open the blind eyes. To bring to fruition a glorious church that will shine from east to west for all to see. Watch as I bring about this restructure. Watch and be ready to play your part, for there are many parts that need to be filled.

Then when the doors open, walk through them with boldness and with power. For with each door your walk through, I will open yet another. With each door you walk through, I will surely increase the anointing on your life. Stand now my child in confidence and in my name, for I am the head of my Church. I am the bringer of power and I will breathe on her to bring her to the place that I need her to be says the Lord. Amen

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Lynn Higgs : Thanks so much for this word. The Lord gave me this idea to bring to fruitation. I had ask for suggestions of others who would be interested in working with me on this idea. Sadkly once again i was deny any names. iw as told that the idea would be passed onto someone else whow as trying to set something up. But my p[articular idea they may not be ready. For this reason even if they contact me p[lease understanding the timing may bnot be right. This sadden me. This not the first tiem this has happen. I also ask aobout being part of the art group. iw as told when i got art lessons. The thing is many in this art group are as talented and as able as I am. The person who told me this never seen none of the sketches. Besides the Lord told me prophetic art is not just aoubt how well the person draws the picture but what is most important is the message tyhat comes with it. My sketches or drawings have the messages with it. But the point was it was a way to try and stop me. It did not stop me from receiving words with picturtres or pictures with words. It just I really was sadden this time being sidelioned once again. . This new idea i ahd a lot fo excitement with now I was thinking maybe it was not for me to do. I ask the Lord for a sign to show me why my church was sidelining me once again. I have other examples of this. I am a little confused over why soem people are being encourage to move forward with things but for me it seems i am being sidelined. I do not knwo what this other person will say aobut my idea. I know the Lord told me and keeps telling em he wants me to formed this dance troupe. it would be of a specific type. > The girl that I was told that was sent my idea is trying to form a dance troupe at our church. Sadly this girl just told me her and her husvband had been discussing me they decided i was not eharing from God. I dont think my idea ort what I ehard from God will have any creedance with someone who thinks that. I dont know why they thought that. But I know God gave me a word for her. She was shocvk because as they both werer sayignt hat is definitely from God. I think God gave the word to show them to stop talking aobut me . HM it is sad. Anyway Thank You for the message. I am moving forward with what God gave me. i have other names of ladies who may be interested in doing it. I plannned on doing it witho0ut the encouragement or support of my church. I am sadden I ahve to do it that way. I know the Lord will open doors for me. He has always open the doors when he gave me things to do. i had dealt with this kind of stuff all my life so I know that if it is I know it is of the Lord then the doors will open the more I move. I neede3d to ehar it again. Especially the word sidelined. I do not use that word. But today I kept seeing and feeling that was the right word. Please pray the Lord directs all and that what he has me do will show his Glory to whoever it touches. thanks

Response from Mpho John Pooe : Thank you very much. Servant of God, this is a confirmation of all that i have been praying for. I am about to start a new ministry, and by the grace of the Lord, you increased fresh fire; fresh oil; fresh pasion and anointing in my life to never look back. I am more confident than before and believe that the door has already opened for me.Expect to receive a powerful testimony within four months. I already fill it. i already see it in the spirit.

Thanks once again and may the power of the Holy Ghost and the love of Christ continue to overshadow you and your ministry.

Response from alice : thank you for this wonderful word. i witness in my spirit. i have sat for too long - last year i had many visions of doors in the heavens and knowing they are door opening for me.
thank you

Response from Anthony : Thank you for posting this word. It is 2:41 am in the Caribbean and I was just conversing with the Lord, I asked him what is His will for my Nation?
The instructions and vision He gave me for my country is highly unusual. I was just thinking if I attempt what I believe God is saying to me it will cause an uproar not only with the church folk but the unsaved as well.
I then I heard the email alert on my phone and read this prophetic word.....I received this word and hid it in my heart.I intend to act upon it and press forward.....


Response from Pastor Rajesh :
Glory be to God ....this is an edifying word for the Body of Christ as well as a forewarning to the leaders who "stifle" growth in the Body.

May a new generation of Sons & daughters arise in the body and the legalism in churches be rooted out in Jesus name.

It is time for the axe too be placed at the root and I thank God for this confirming word.

God bless you Apostle Colette.

In His love,

Pastor Rajesh Y.Nath
Father's Love iNternational Ministries , Kuwait

Response from Elizabeth : Thanks a lot for this prophetic message. It was really meant for me.
I was sidelined from my church for the last 6 years yet I and everybody around me acknowledges that I have highly annointed and called to frontline ministry. For the 6 years I have sat quietly in the wings waiting on God and seeking His face. I will pursue this vision. Elizabeth, Uganda.

Response from Humberto J. Romero G. :
Very dear Craigh and Colette Toach, receive my greetings, blessings and, may our Almighty Father/Mother God of the Host of Lights keep you healthy,protected, prospered and all good that HE IS as well as your family and co-workers.

I feel in my heart that you all at AMI and family members are pure in heart. Also because you all adore, as I also adore to our Almighty God and all His Sacred Works then I can tell you from the deepest of my heart that I shall always be with you all and I shall try always to defend and protect you all with the Lights that our Heavenly Father gave me to use it in the name of our Lord and Master Jesus.

After you sent your message to me I shall try very much to start with my God's teachings. It is a big pushing to me. I feel as the Lord Jesus is pushing trhough you now and this fills me with the necesary couragement to keep going inspite that I always have being trying but, the malignant forces has been strongly oposing to me in my sacred labor, but the Lord always has used these bad things launched to me to destroy me in such such a way that at the end I always was blessed by the Lord and also from these probles I receive a vast experience how to defend to others brethren and also my self. But many times I need help beacause most of the times I start the battle my self just alone (without no help from human being) but the Lord and the Host of Lights just always jumped in the middle to help, othe wise long time ago I was dead.
Also your books are helping me, but mainly your Daily Prophetic Words are guiding me as no other human being was doing it before. Thank you for this help and dedication to me beacuse I can not read so many of your books so fast to help my self, but our Lord always confort me with other things and together with you advice through your Prophetic Words then, it is easier for me to keep going.

I can recognize that your messages come directly from your "I AM" Presence, your Holy Spirit and your own Christ Self, all of them individualized and, belief me that I shall not forget that. I always shall be in touch with you all as long as you permit it. I always shall be alert on you all inspite that you all are always try to help me, but our Almighty God also hear the voice and petition of the smallest ones.

Also I want to tell you that right now the Lord is clearing my ways in order that I can evolve in the proper way in my Almighty Father Business, because this is only what I want to do, but the life compels us to do someting also to survive of course. Your messages from all the AMI members are cristal clear. It is easy to feel that you all are already sold to our Almighty God of Hosts and this make me feel really proud of being able to be your friend especially because you all at AMI an myself we are navigating in the same boat but in different section of it so that later when we will be united with our Amighty God self in the Great entral Sun then He shall be happy of what we had done for Him that time and He shall give us many special things that human never have seen, touch, smells or hear.
As always I don'd want to say good bay because I love you all there so much and I also I know that you all are busy and me too. Right now for me is 03:45 AM.

With inconditional love your brother in the Light,

Response from Minister Veronica LaCue : Thank you guys for being obeying the Lord. An in time word from the Lord. I will comment on the struggles had to face and go through last Year. I shall take this word and allow my faith to work . This is an word We can't sit down on. Please Keep obeying what the Spirit of the Lord is telling you'll.

Response from Sharron.D : Thank you Colette and Craig for this message.I was looking forward to this word for 2012. Thank you for giving a very encouraging word. Our God is a Just God. The things you have proclaimed for this year I had been hoping God would deal with these areas in the church. I am not a church leader myself but I see what is going on around me. I am excited for God to raise up the hidden ones, for far too long has the luke warm church displayed a form of Godliness but denies God's control and power. I pray that God will raise up people after His heart that won't be stopped,restrained or sidelined to do what He has called them to do. I thank God for your ministry, it is a blessing to the nations, an encouragement and strength to the hidden ones in Christ.

Love from Ireland to ye both,


Response from Timothy Garner : Amen! I am absolutely certain that this is a word from the Lord, and it is positively for me. It is timely, and alive. Blessings!

Response from Lisa : Praise God.. for His love and blessings to His children. Thank you so much Colette and Craig. This is perfect just as He is! It is answer to prayer and so edifying and encouraging. God is so Good... He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. It is time..Prepare for the fire. He knows just what His hidden ones have needed! Amen. Thank you for being there for me and many others, You are wonderful, I praise God for this Ministry. It has helped a prophet out big time. Love you. Lisa xx

Response from Nichole : This word is well received! The last quarter
of last year my husband and I were directed
By God to a new ministry and this word lines
Up with the new work God is doing there.
God has marshalled numerous saints who were
Being stifled and have been hungry for real
Authentic move of God to this new ministry
With leaders with a heart for God. God's richest
Blessing on have being a tower of
Strength, God's mouthpiece with a word for the body. Love you AMI!

Response from Sheron : May God bless you and your ministry more!!! This Word is for me too.

Response from Lynnette : Thank you for confirmation, I have spent the past year feeling like I seeing and hearing my own thoughts and not the voice of God!

Response from Rev.Dr. James Arthur : In fact I can boldly says You are a true sent Prophet of God, since all your propheyic messages adress to me rightly confirms what's the Lord have been dealing with me. You prohetic words inspires, motivate and challenges me to arise and move forward to the purpose of God Called me for. Your are my prohetic mentor. You have indeed helped me a lot ever since I came into your ministry. And may God Richly Bless You. Thank You

Response from Bertrene : Thank you!

Response from Doreen Muhammad : thank you Apostles for bringing this on-time word from the Lord. It is confirmation of what my pastor/Apostle Walker has preached in this new season. We, the body of Christ will be experiencing a 'tingling' as is stated in the Bible concerning what God will be doing in this new year/new season. Thank's so much for all your words of Power and revealing of God's true word. I believe the Lord has set you up in this Body to stir up the gifts as well as to bring life back in to the body. I thank God for your ministry calling and your faithfulness and correctness in God's word. is there is anything too hard for God - NO! i LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST AND PRAY GOD'S CONTINUED CHOICEST BLESSINGS ON YOUR LIVES IN ALL AREAS. AMEN!

Response from Pastor Sabrina Bragg : Awesome and on time word! I receive it! Thank you for releasing the word and I pray multiplied blessings over Apostle Craig & Collete as well as the entire ministry.
God Bless you!

Response from Andrea :
Thank you for the confirmation, a timely Word for me this season, I receive it in Jesus Name!! Indeed you are a true Prophet of God, your prophetic words, all the prayers, encouraging words and support I received from you and your team in 2011 has motivate, inspires, reminded who my God is, strengthened me and continues to challenges me to arise and move forward to the purpose of God's calling for my life.

I praise and thank God for your ministry I pray your strength as you all continue to avail yourselves to the Word and work of God.

~Your Servant in Christ ~

Response from KatrinaS. : Dear Craig and Colette:

Thank you so much for this Word(s), and confirmation for 2012. May the Lord continue to bless you, your family and your ministry; though the years have gone by, I am still connected, watching in the shadows and waiting to hear the clarion call. Thank you again. I remain.


Response from Doreen Muhammad : thank you Apostles for bringing this on-time word from the Lord. It is confirmation of what my pastor/Apostle Walker has preached in this new season. We, the body of Christ will be experiencing a 'tingling' as is stated in the Bible concerning what God will be doing in this new year/new season. Thank's so much for all your words of Power and revealing of God's true word. I believe the Lord has set you up in this Body to stir up the gifts as well as to bring life back in to the body. I thank God for your ministry calling and your faithfulness and correctness in God's word. is there is anything too hard for God - NO! i LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST AND PRAY GOD'S CONTINUED CHOICEST BLESSINGS ON YOUR LIVES IN ALL AREAS. AMEN!

Response from Yvette : Thank you for this word from the Lord. God has given me a word a while ago regarding moving people that is "in the way" per say without going into detail. He has given me a word for our local church that he wants to move us in a new/different direction. His words were "I will do it with or without You". I thank you for this message because I have ready to step out into what God has called me to and now I am ready the more. I want to be a part of this move of God. May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry and may he add more viewers to your site as well as more students to your school. Love you guys and I appreciate all of your encouragement.

Response from Henry : Praise the LORD, Praise the LORD, Yes and Amen

Response from Annette : Thanks for the word, it lines up with somethings God has been showing me in the spirit. Now that I am aware of how much he loves me. I can move forward. In all my excitement I want to rest in him and be lead by the spirit to do whatever he calls me to do. I will seek him I don't want it to be just a good idea. I want it to be an idea from God . I want to know what the spirit is saying, because as long as I am lead by the spirit he has to keep me in whatever he has assigned me to do. When I move on my own I can only last as long as my flesh will last. I will watch for the changing of the Guards and move with wisdom. Thanks again for you and your husband standing in the gap for us. God has spoken and let the church say amen.

Response from Prophet Kenneth Hare : I know this is a word from the Lord concerning His people who are in the back yard attending to His business needs. For me this is a word of power and understanding within my life and the things that I am to do. For I have been praying for so long that I can come forward into the life of my Lord and do what is needed within the body of Christ. I am tired of been rejected by people who think because of their input into the Kingdom of God that they have some kind of standing with the Lord. I too am a man of honor and of power within the course of my life for the Lord. I am waiting for the day or days that I can come forward in began to do the will of my Lord daily. I long to be in Ministry full time and teaching God's word to the nations. I do ask that your team of leaders will pray that the books that the Lord have me writing on will be best sellers within this year and that my money come through for publishing them to come to pass soon.

Response from Pastor Sherry Atkinson : Apostle, thank you for the prophetic word. I spoke a similar word yesterday to my apostle regarding God removing leader from high places and raising up other leaders into positions ordained by the Holy Spirit. I receive the Rhema word from the mouth of God.

Response from Prophet Mildie : A powerful confirmation for us here in Manchester.U.K. Exceedingly grateful.Blessings.

Response from Prophetess Williamson : Thank you for the prophetic word God gave to you. There is a great shaking coming to the Church, and yes God is going to use who we think not. There will be a shift in the Spirit before the Spring ends, many thing are about to change. We must as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers get back to the TRUTH of the Word of God and increase our Love for God. It must go to a new level as God deals with the spots, wrinkles and blemishes in the Body of Christ to recieve a spotless Bride. I'm very much encouraged by the Word of the Lord through you. I'm praying for the will of God to be done. God Bless you and the work you are doing.

Response from the (emo)Prophet Hector : Wow! Powerful word from the Lord. It IS true what the Lord has spoken, "For I am about to diversify as never before and create leaders FOR EVERY KIND OF PERSON. I'm 17 years old, and at school, I've been labeled an "emo" kid (hence the name "emo"Prophet) by numerous teachers and students. Quick facts, emo peoples usually have long black hair that covers one eye, wear all black clothing, and wear black eyeliner. I believe the Lord has called me to reach out to these peoples because I already have 5 friends like these. I'm currently reading numerous books by well known Christian authors, AND I'm a member of AMI. Brothers and sisters, though I appear dark and lost on the outside, I've been born-again and I now pursue after the will of God in my life. "Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” (John 7:24/NIV)

Response from apostle dawid fom namibia : I believe these is a word from God , and believe the time for the namibia chruch has come , and we pray for you and love you .The Church in Namibia.

Any brether come over and help the church in namibia , contact email

Response from Gillian : Thank you for the word, it is confirmation of what I have been hearing from the Lord.
May God continue to favor you and your family and ministry.

Response from Shirley Hines :
Glory to God,bless His name. Thank be to the Lord, for I too have been sent to churches in need only to be "sidelined". I have been encouraged to rest and wait. I am seeking Him for direction for the next move because He is doing a "New" thing in me.
Your fellow servant,

Much love to AMI

Response from Lydia : Thanks , for the confirmation from the lord, it is time to get up ,praise up, pray up ,and stand up and teach others , what God has taught us ! God bless you both!

Response from Prophet Ben Williams : That's a powerful word for the body of Christ.

Response from Paulette Hunter : Praise God for the prophetic word spoken. As I read these words I felt the anointing all over me. It was as if God was speaking directly to me; as if I wasn't reading this. These words are confirmation to me and all that God has spoken to me. All I could do is Praise God as I read this. I use to wonder way people wouldn't listen to what I said, but it never stopped me from tursting and obeying God. I am attentive to the voice of God and the unction of the Holy Spirit as I do not want to miss God. I am ready to stand up with holy boldness for Christ.

Response from Prophetess Rose : Praise God for y'all! I have been prophetically speaking this Word for the past 2 years now. This is confirmation! May you continue to speak and teach His Word throughout the Nations!

Response from Camellia : Thank you for this timely "word!" My pastor preach almost exactly the same thing!

Response from Agnes W. : Thank God for the timely accurate Word of the Lord!! This is a confirmation of what God placed in my spirit. You have articulated clearly God's thoughts for the body of Christ, the Church, for 2012 and beyond. Thank God for you, your Prophetic Ministry and ministers. Many are being enlightened by the Holy Spirit through your ministry!

Response from Lone Ambæk : Dear Colette

Thank you so much for that word. It was like I could sense the prensence of the Lord so strong while I was reading the word. I receive that word and will tell others about it too. It is so important to see, understand and be in the strategy and plans that the Lord has for His Bride especially those day. It is a very serious word and at the same time it is a deep encouragement for us who has been hidden for years as well. The fire from Jesus heart expressed by this prophetic word burned into my haert and spirit now. I thank God for you and AMI every day :-)
With love and deep respect for you in Christ
From Lone

Response from Fely Andres : Thank You and Praise Jesus for giving me this website at a time when I am in quandary how to integrate healing thru intercessory prayers in my parish church and eventually to the whole charismatic communities in our catholic diocese with the approval of my bishop.
It is a confirmation and I am emboldened to do what the Lordis asking me after 20 yrs. of discipleship training ( in another diocese and thru books and seminars) and the stifling of the charismatic gifts in this diocese. It was only last year that the doors of a revival started to open when I entered back thru a charismatic retreat, a seminar workshop and healing of the family tree to leaders and active members which was conducted thru my active reentry and all by God's grace.
After a 4 months vacation, I am back prepared for a full time revival to share what I had learned inmy discipleship training for the past 20 yrs since I responded to his call. After reading your posts, I am greatly affirmed that God has called me to prophetic intercession, inner healing & deliverance ministry. And I also received the prophetic words that what the Lord had told me in prophecy will now come into fulfillment because NOW IS THE TIME!
And God has given you to me for that spiritual direction and mentoring that I had been asking from so many priests and bishops who have no time for me. I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and providing me for all I need.
Thank You Lord and bless/pour on us Your overflowing annointings so as to help Your hurting people and build Your kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus Name, Amen!

Response from whitedove2525 : I LOVE your pages; your knowledge; your encouragement; the wonderful fresh ways of doing things; many of your emails that you send to me opens me up to understand how much more of GOD that there is than I have ever learned; looking forward with joy to be being able to get more learning;

Response from Marta : I just say: Lord, let your will be done! give us the strength, the courage, the grace, wisdom and revelation to do our part.
Thank you for letting the Lord use you in such a mighty way!
You are a blessing for me, my ministry and my team.

Response from Feathers : Thank you for this. Amen from London!

Response from prophetesseverhart : God, has spoken this is the season of perparation. As John perpared the way so are we to prepare the way for Christ second coming. To make the Bride (church) ready without spot or wrinkle or any such thing,but that it should be holy and without blemish. God, shall raise up a nation that shall obey Him. We must remember that we are to the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Response from JASPERIAN : I too saw a restructuring of the Church in 2012; however, the change began years ago! I was only 16 when God start showing me this change, yet, because I was unfamiliar with things of the "Spirit," I didn't know what was being shown to me! Also, when I was only 8 God showed me the "virgin" (not Mary, but, a young woman before she receives her menstrual period)and NOW I just cry when I think about all these things that had been shown to me, but NOW I know because I AM familiar with the things of God.

Then, in 2004 God start connecting the vision He had shown me, which didn't come full circle until 2011. What did God keep showing me? That the Church belongs to Him, with Christ as the Head, in other words, Christ's authority came from God!

Most importantly, what God showed me is that the Church "Bride of Christ" and with Christ as the HEAD has officially been turned over to Him. Not only did God show me this, He also showed me Seven Churches, however, they were NOT the churches in the book of Revelation; but, instead reflected the Seven Churches of Christ, as a result, Christ, Himself has become subject to God, Who placed all things under Him, so that God can be ALL in All!

Response from Peggy : Apostle, I bless the Lord for using you in such a powerful way to communicate his message clearly, boldly, and with encouragement to those of us in need of confirmation. God is indeed raising up new leaders in this season that have surrendered to him; leaders who are not seeking a platform for self-exaltation, leaders who will not push worldly agendas, and leaders who will not prostitute God's people. God has gathered and will release leaders who are kingdom focused! Leaders who will teach and equip disciples to prepare other disciples for the Bride to soon come. God expects his leaders to invest in people's lives, because he is concerned about souls, not our goals. Abundant blessings to you woman of God for pesistently pursuing the face of God, and releasing timely rhema from God Almighty!

Response from Pastor Felix Nshimiyimana : I appreciate how God Called Plaese dont give up
I am in Uganda willing serving with you
Pastor Felix Nshimiyimana ,Kampala City ,Uganda

Response from Ava Barrett : Thank you for your word,I am here looking for the word the LORD gave me this morning, It's not dead,Iam restructuring all thing in your life, THIS word looking for the meaning RESTRUCTURING came across your page it lift my search a conformation to what the LORD said to me this morning thought it's for me, its my word I was told I have to carry the 3rd Sunday service at our church what do you think, RESTRUCTURING.ME OR THE CHURCH.on time word

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