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Prophetic Boot Camp

For it is in the training of the prophet that he begins to realize that all of his scrapes and bruises along the way are the very thing that the people will be able to identify with.

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Practical Prophetic Ministry

Your GPS into Prophetic Training
Learn more about what a prophet is

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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

Have you ever tried one of those tornado simulators? Well this one time my two younger sisters went into one together.

You put in the money, you go inside and then you wait. Once that door closes you inside the simulator, you start to feel a slight breeze and then that breeze gets stronger and stronger to simulate the different levels of a tornado.

While they were inside the simulator it felt like they where being batted around by this wind, but on the outside all you saw was the effects of the wind. Their hair was going everywhere, their clothes were being pulled around, but from the outside you could not feel the wind at all, you could only see the effects of the wind.

Well this goes out to all you prophets out there! Being a P.I.T. (Prophet In Training) is a lot like being in that simulator. You don't know what is happening, all you see is this wind ripping your clothes and pulling your hair all over the place, all the while your mentor in standing on the outside.

You see, they know what is happening, they can see what you are doing and they know the effect it is having on you, that is why they can help you with your training, because they are not in that simulator with you. Yes they are there for you, but this is your training - not theirs.

Oh yes some days we just want to rant and rant and rant, but nope, your mentor knows exactly what's up and boy, do you wish you had an inkling of what they knew. You can know all the principles, you could have read every book there is, but nothing can compare to actual training.

That ladies and gentlemen is what it is like to be a P.I.T! To have the storm raging around you, not being able to see a couple inches from your right or to your left, you have to trust the voice of your mentor on the other side of that "wall of wind."
Your mentor and the Lord are the only solid things in your life during this time. They are your lifelines and they are your way out.

There are many times I thought I was coming to my mentor about something natural and it turned out to be part of my training. Oh how I love it when that happens. You see for me, my mentor in the prophetic is my own mother, so you can imagine what that is like!

We will be praying and she will say, "this is not just your emotions, this is part of your training! You are triggering to something with your... mother!" Yes it is lots of fun, but hey that's being a P.I.T.

You trigger people, you trigger yourself and you tend to step on everyone's toes, but the prize at the end is worth it. After dealing with each trigger, root of bitterness and demon, you feel the difference both physically and spiritually, you feel like a whole new person and like weights have been lifted from your shoulders.

Yes it is a wild ride, but it is one of those rides where you are screaming your head off because it is so much fun... you just don't realize it until the ride stops moving.

For more on the prophetic, get your copy of "Practical Prophetic Ministry," your prophetic mentor in a book:

With Much Joy and Blessing,

Deborah-Anne Toach
AMI Team Member
(and P.I.T)

P.S. If you need a mentor as much as I did, check out our Prophetic School where every single student is given a trainer to see them through this process. Sure, I cannot promise that the storms will stop, but I can promise that you no longer have to face them alone!

Also, feel free to post your comments below. 

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This is your Prophetic Mentor in a Book

This book will launch you into prophetic training. Wouldn't it be incredible if someone could have walked you through your prophetic calling and pointed out all the potholes BEFORE you fell into them?

Unfolded step by step, you will have someone along the way telling you what to avoid, what to embrace and most importantly...what to do next along your prophetic journey.

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A Transformation From Ugly Duckling to Swan!

What you get at the Prophetic Training School:

  • Everything you need to KNOW about being a prophet.
  • Everything you need to DO to become a prophet
  • Power packed video lectures by Apostle Colette Toach - filled with impartations and anointing!
  • Personal interaction with an assigned lecturer - an AMI Team Member who has risen up to Prophetic Office
  • Fellowship with all other like-minded prophets in the Prophetic Fellowship Lounge
  • Plus more...
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Responses Posted For This Page


Response from praise k. Daniel : please I am from Ghana and I want to go through prophetic training but I don't have the money, so I was asking if you can get me job to use the money I get pay my fees.

Response from praise k. Daniel : please I am from Ghana and I want to go through prophetic training but I don't have the money, so I was asking if you can get me job to use the money I get pay my fees.

Response from praise k. Daniel : please I am from Ghana and I want to go through prophetic training but I don't have the money, so I was asking if you can get me job to use the money I get pay my fees.

Response from Raymond hemphill : Awsome!!!!

Response from Anne Chen : Dear Daniel,

If the Lord is speaking to your heart about prophetic training, then reach out in faith to the Lord for the resources you need. As you seek the Lord, He may direct you to a job, a person you need to get in touch with, or He may provide for you in a miraculous way. The point is, let Him be the one to lead you to the provision you need.

The Lord is a good father and desires to provide for all of our needs and not give us a stone if we ask for bread. He is certainly faithful to hear all your prayers and watch to see how His hand moves in your behalf!

In His Love,
Anne Chen
AMI Minister

Response from Ronald Jordan : Dear Taylor,

Without doubt, having a mentor, and being a teachable disciple is the quickest way to spiritual growth. However, it is always the mentor who calls the disciple, not the other way around. Plus it is always for a clear purpose (such as prophetic training).

It could be that the Lord just needs you go through a few things first, and then He will send a mentor your way. I encourage you to just keep pressing into your relationship with the Lord, and know that He knows what you need.

To quote one of my favorite verses:

1 Corinthians 13:10

But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away

Be very blessed,

Ronald Jordan
AMI Minister

Response from Alick McGovern Nkhwazi : I am from Malawi and I am very much interested to undergo your training and please help me so that I start this training online.

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