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Your super-spiritual is my normal!

"Okay guys, we just have to pray! If you want to see change in this school and more students coming to the Lord we need to pray!"

I mean really...! How else will anything or anyone in this world ever change?

Needless to say that little passionate spiel of mine about prayer, didn't go down well with the bible study group at my High School. A couple of believers had gotten together and organized for all the believers to get together once a week to read the Word and stuff.

It had me confused. At the meetings everyone always said how they desire to see change at the school and how they want students to come to know the Lord. So how was that going to happen through reading the bible?

Yep - crazy prophet... little runt of the litter I was. I told them straight up what I thought. Needless to say I never visited that group ever again... and I had only been there 2 times in total. Once to sit in, once to complain.

If you are a prophet, you can relate:)

This is just one of the crazy stories I could think of. I am sure glad that my spiritual Mom, Apostle Colette Toach came along and straightened me out. Sure, nothing was wrong with my passion for prayer, but perhaps the delivery of that passion... needed some work. I was way too offensive.

In her book, I'm Not Crazy - I'm a Prophet, she helps you understand that you are crazy for a reason. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is a way to go about it, so that you remain crazy, yes, but can also reach people and infuse them with some of your craziness.

So go ahead and check it out! You can get it in e-book format or you can also order the printed book. So check it out, okay?

Here are the links:



Let's take our passion, prophets of God, and spread it in the body of Christ in such a way that we actually produce a wild fire that spreads and ignites believers... not one that destroys the Church, okay?

With much love,

Denise Jordan
Crazy Prophet

Apostolic Movement International

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I'm not Crazy - I'm a Prophet (Book)

It takes a prophet to know a prophet!

So... are you crazy? Maybe a little, but this book will help you to be the true prophet that God has called you to be! Apostle Colette Toach takes the prophetic and dishes it out in its truth...

Check it out at:

In Africa? Go here:
In Europe? Go here:


A kindle fan? This book is now available on Amazon Kindle

The wait is over and you can now go directly to the kindle store and start reading your Crazy book right away.

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AMI Prophetic Training School

Have you already come to the conclusion that you are a crazy prophet? Good - It's time to train!

At the AMI Prophetic Training School we will work with your craziness and together with the Holy Spirit transform you into the kind of vessel the Lord can use!

In joining, you will finally have a place where you belong and you will receive the tools you need to rise up!

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